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Christmas Cakes and Kisses

Eva Endicott comes to Silver Bay to prove to her family that she can make it on her own. Working in the local bakery, she’s determined to save enough to open her own cake decorating business. Winning an upcoming Christmas cake competition is the key to her dream, so Eva has no time for distractions, especially not devastatingly handsome ones that make her heart skip a beat.


Tyler Vance is the personal trainer for professional baseball pitcher, Drew MacIntyre. After following a retired Drew to Silver Bay, Tyler’s own future is uncertain. Things become more unsettled when a beautiful baker enters his world. Eva fascinates Tyler and as he gets to know her better, he considers planting his roots in Silver Bay. But when the location Tyler chooses for his training facility is the same one Eva wants for her bakery, something has to give.


With the contest deadline looming, Eva can barely think about Tyler. Until a blinding moment finally reveals her true feelings.


Is it too late? Or will a Christmas miracle give them both more than they ever dreamed?

“Get a room,” Eva said. She sat up straight and turned to the doorway as a deep voice said the exact same words at the exact same time.

Her eyes locked with the man who had spoken—Tyler Vance. Drew’s friend and personal trainer. He was also the man that had Eva’s tummy flipping every time she saw him and made her daydreams a bit steamier than she was used to. Sure, she’d dated and been interested in guys before, but something about Tyler made everything in her stand up and pay attention. It was a response she was still trying to wrap her head around, but the more she thought about it, the more frazzled she became.  

He took up the entire doorway. At six foot five and made of solid muscle, the man’s presence was hard to ignore. 

“Sounds like great minds think alike.” He smiled at Eva, then cocked his head toward Drew and Baylee, who were still making out in the middle of the room. 

Eva looked at the couple then back at Tyler. “I’d like to say you get used to it…”

He laughed, the deep sound echoing through the room, as well as Eva’s whole body, sending a shockwave that had her breaking eye contact with him and turning her focus toward her computer once more. She stared at it as if it held the secret to all she needed to calm down in the presence of Tyler. Her floating screen saver wasn’t the lifeline she’d hoped for though. Her heart still pounded and her level of awareness to Tyler’s proximity was off the charts.

“We can hear you, ya know.” Drew said. He’d unlocked his lips from Baylee’s, but his eyes still stared down into hers, the two of them lost in their own form of nonverbal communication.

“You sure about that?” Tyler teased. “We can give you two some time if you need.”

Drew turned to his friend, leaving one arm wrapped around Baylee’s waist. “All right, all right. You can’t blame a man for wanting to see his beautiful wife whenever he can though.”

Eva rolled her eyes. “You mean every hour on the hour?”

Tyler chuckled again. “Before a workout. After a workout. Messaging her in the midst of a workout.” He held up a finger with each thing he verbally checked off.

Smiling, she pursed her lips and looked away when Drew gave her the evil eye.

“Okay, y’all.” Baylee patted Drew’s chest. “As fun as this is, it’s time for us all to get to work. We have a bakery to open and you two have a pitcher’s arm to keep strong.”

Now it was Tyler’s turn to roll his eyes. He looked at Eva. “You’re right. You’d think you’d get used to it, but I’m not so sure that’s possible.”

“You’re just jealous.” Drew gave Baylee one more kiss then moved towards Tyler. “It’s time we find you the love of a good woman.”

At that, Tyler ducked his head and turned to leave. Not before Eva caught a glimpse of what had to be him blushing. It was hard to believe a man that size could blush but based on the heat that rose in her own cheeks, she decided it was time to get going on work and get her mind off a gorgeous man who rattled her, and him finding the love of a good woman


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