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I Grew Up Dancing

We love and serve a God of joy who delights in us. Isn't that incredible? He delights in us! What an amazing concept to grasp. I can tell you from experience, once you grasp it, you can't help but want to sing, clap, laugh and, of course, dance with joy.

This thirty-day devotional is dedicated to reminding us of the joy of knowing Jesus—a joy that is physical with jumping and dancing. Just as Jesus delights in showing us to God, we can delight in knowing that we are children of God. In the good times and in the bad ones, we can recognize and engage the joy of the Lord!

Covering many seasons of life, this devotional will inspire you to look to Jesus for a joy that can come from nowhere else. Whether we are hurting, praising or dancing out of love, no matter what—we dance.

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