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Get  to Me

Aimee can identify a killer.

Dane can keep her safe.

But is he willing to face his past to do it?


When Aimee Jansenn stumbles upon a drug deal gone bad she comes face to face with a killer. As the only witness to a crime, she falls into a deadly situation and is need of police protection.


Dane Scott has sworn off women. Until a fireball named Aimee enters his world. Telling himself they’re just friends, he vows to protect her. Can his heart follow suit or will she change his mind about love for good?

“Sweet and sassy with a dash of faith and a heaping of sizzle, Lara Van Hulzen’s Get to Me will enchant romance readers of all ages and

across all genres. Her debut novel,

Remember Me, followed by this

goodie soared her name to the top of

my “must read” list!”



“Want a fast, fun and engaging read…this is it!! Romance and crime blend to give the reader page-turning curiosity.”


“… A fast paced, intense book … this one did not disappoint.” 


“I absolutely loved reading this book! It's full of little twists and turns;

their relationship is like a

West Coast Swing - he pulls her in, then pushes her away only to pull her

back again ... Another win by Lara Van Hulzen—a perfect marriage of suspense, romance, and faith."


“...a clean romance with sparks, a bit of suspense and a little faith thrown in for good measure. I was pulled into this book from the very beginning and I didn't want to put this book down. The settings change from San Diego to the Lake Tahoe area- both places that I am familiar with and love.”


“I really love a fast paced, intense book, and this one did not disappoint.“



“Blown away again! This one has all the romance and danger and suspense I could hope for to keep me entertained — and of course the Christian aspect of it made it just perfect.“


“The author gives such vivid detail

to the characters and surroundings you can easily picture the story as

you read it.” 



“If you like faith-based romance with lots of sizzle and a dash of intrigue this is for you!” 


“Continuing on from her first book Lara once again offers a read that leaves you swooning.”



“Christian fiction fans will not want to miss this fast-paced blend of romance and suspense.”


“For me, this one easily scores a 5/5 stars in my opinion. There is just the right amount of chemistry and sparks flying between them both to keep any hopeful romantic busy!”



“Another win by Lara Van Hulzen—a perfect marriage of suspense,

romance, and faith.”



“Summer is upon us and author Lara Van Hulzen has written the perfect beach or poolside read with her latest novel - Get To Me. The 2nd book

in her Men of Honor series spotlights a kindling romance between Aimee Jensenn and Detective Dane Scott. Christian fiction fans will not

want to miss this fast-paced blend of romance and suspense.”



Dane spun the woman in his arms without effort. He’d been dancing since he was in grade school, country dancing even before then. As pretty as the lady was who’d asked him to dance, every fiber in his being was in tune to the redhead sitting all alone in the corner looking like she was ready to spit nails. He was surprised no one had asked her to dance yet. Although with that look on her face, she was far from approachable. Any man with sense would know not to mess with that vibe. Of course, he wasn’t just any man.


He’d done nothing but think about her since the wedding. Heck, if he were honest with himself, he’d been thinking about her long before that. She consumed his thoughts, as well as his dreams.


“Ouch!” The woman in his arms yelped.


“Oh, I’m so sorry, ma’am. My fault.”


Had he faltered and actually stepped on her foot? He’d never done that in his life. Of course, he’d never had the kinds of dreams about a woman before like he did about Aimee. And it scared him like nothing else. His instincts said to run, but everything else in him kept drawing to her like a moth to a flame. Flames. Just like her hair. He shook his head. What was wrong with him? Every thought led back to her, every feeling.


He hadn’t called her all week, because he wasn’t exactly sure what to say.


Hey, sorry about running out on you after that earth-shattering kiss. I haven’t been able to think of anything but you since then.


Yeah, that would be super smooth. A fine idea. No matter how he played it in his head, he couldn’t come up with a single scenario or conversation that sounded right. What had started out as a gesture to make her feel better and best her high school enemy had ended up rocking his world. He hadn’t been the same since.


He snapped out of his trance when he heard his dancing partner say, “Sure, why not? But watch your toes.”


A feather could’ve knocked him over when Aimee said, “I think I can handle him.” She cocked her head to the side, stepped into his arms, and said, “I’m just wondering if he can handle me.”


Dane returned her embrace and two-stepped them around the dance floor. His mind had yet to catch up with his body on what had just happened. Aimee had cut in on his dance and faced him head on, while he’d been woolgathering about her. He chuckled. The woman was a walking puzzle. Easy to fall for, and for him, dangerously so.


“What’s so funny, Cowboy?”


“You never cease to amaze me.”


“Is that so? You’re a bit of a surprise yourself.”


“Really? How you figure?” The twang in his voice came out on nights like this, when he knew he could be himself. Otherwise he tamped it down for work. The guys teased him enough already for being a country boy.


“Well, I ‘figured,’” she matched his twang on the word, warming his insides and making him smile, “you for liking country things because of the boots and belt buckle you’re so fond of. I never saw you for a true, all-out cowboy though. Are you from the south?”


“No, ma’am. But my parents are. I was raised, for the most part, on a ranch in Northern California. My parents still have their Texas drawl, so it rubs off on me from time to time.”


“I see.”


He pulled her closer and spun her around. Her cheeks flushed crimson, and he knew she thought of their kiss just as he did.


“It seems we keep ending up dancing every time we see each other,” Aimee said.


“There are worse ways to spend your time.”


She smiled, causing his insides to churn even more. “So, do you frequent this establishment often?”


“Is that a formal version of a cruddy pick-up line?”


She laughed. “I guess that was a version of, ‘You come here often, Cowboy?’”


“I like to come here from time to time. San Diego isn’t known for its cowboy population, but there are some places I can cut loose and be myself.”


Her face turned serious, her eyes tender. “You can’t be yourself otherwise?”


What made this woman look right through him and cut straight to his very soul? He cleared his throat. “I’m a cop. Small-town country boy doesn’t fit that image too often.”


“Really?” She looked genuinely surprised. “What about the whole John Wayne, tough cowboy thing? Wasn’t the old west the original sheriff’s domain?”


The song changed, and Brooks & Dunn started singing about a neon moon. He shifted their movements to the slower beat of the song without losing a step. He couldn’t help but get lost in the pools of green that were her eyes and the old west image that swam within them. It wasn’t difficult to picture her in a flowing dress of that time period, her hair piled up with curls cascading down. He liked that image. He liked that image a lot.


“Well, when you put it like that…”


She grinned, obviously pleased with herself.


A constant puzzle, this woman in his arms. One minute like a shy teen upset by her high school nemesis, the next a feisty woman unafraid of cutting in on a dance to face the man who’d all but disappeared on her after a megawatt kiss.


Dane wanted to spend every waking moment trying to figure out the puzzle. But that meant taking another chance on feelings he’d tamped down for a long time. Risk things he vowed he’d never risk again. And that made him want to run like the devil was at his back.


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