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Hannah's Hope

This Christmas, will they finally receive the miracle they’ve been yearning for?


Hannah and Paul Wagner both grew up in Silver Bay, California. They love everything about the small town they call home, especially at Christmas when the air turns crisp and the residents’ joy is more contagious than usual.


After waiting years to adopt their precious daughter, Abby, and with a successful real estate business, Hannah and Paul can’t think of anything more they want in life or for Christmas. They finally have everything they've wished for. And yet…will their ongoing hope for more children become their Christmas miracle?

Paul smiled at her and her insides did a flip again. His brown hair was cut short in the back but was longer on top. He combed it to the right every morning and Hannah could swear not a strand moved all day. No hair products, no help. The man just had awesome hair.


He wore his work clothes, dress pants with a button-down shirt and sweater. His shirt was opened at the collar, its print showing where the cuffs were rolled up over the sweater. 


As much as the whole package together made her swoon, Paul’s smile had always been what drew her to him. So genuine and kind and full of joy. And every time he smiled, it reached his eyes, the brown depths sparkling like the bay in summer when the sunshine hit. 




She giggled. 


“Why are you staring at me?”


“Just thinking about how lucky I am.”


“Oh yeah? Lucky how?”


“Lucky I got to be the one to snag you in high school.” She lifted an eyebrow and smirked.


He laughed, the sound only adding to the flutter inside her. “Oh yeah?” The blush in his cheeks was beyond adorable.


“I had to fight the other girls, but they didn’t stand a chance.” 


He laughed even harder at that and stood. He stepped toward her and leaned over, his hands resting on the arms of her chair. He leaned down until they were nose to nose. “There was absolutely never, ever anyone else for me but you, Hannah Wagner.”


She placed her lips on his. They’d shared countless kisses over the years. It never ceased to amaze Hannah how often it felt like their first kiss. So full of excitement and eagerness and promise. And yet with time came security and desire and every kiss, every moment, a sense of coming home.


Paul leaned in, deepening the kiss as Hannah wrapped one hand around his neck and left the other resting on his chest. His heartbeat beneath her fingers seemed to match hers in a rhythm all their own. 


“A beautiful story of healing that will break your heart while touching

your soul ... Van Hulzen puts more than a little of what makes us human inside of one courageous journey. ”


A sweet clean Christmas romance that you can read in one afternoon.”


Hannah’s Hope by Lara Van Hulzen is a wonderful well written 5 star book.”


“This sweet family story has likable characters that remind you of people in your community. Down to earth and grateful for daily blessings they would make the perfect neighbors. Their story is heartwarming without too much drama or angst ... Enjoyable Christmas read that is upbeat.


“You will love Hannah’s Hope!”



“This is delightful Christmas story which is basically about counting your blessings.” 



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