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Finding Her Montana Cowboy

Wyatt Emmerson doesn’t need any more women in his life. He has a young daughter to raise on his own, not to mention his mom and sister always worrying over him. But when McKenna St. Claire crosses his path, life takes a turn Wyatt didn’t see coming and he re-considers his no women plan.  


A former rodeo star, Wyatt leads a quiet life working with his dad and caring for his daughter, Kaiti. After an injury forced him to walk away from bull riding, he accepted his fate and made his peace with the hand life had dealt him. At Grey’s Saloon one night, he defends a feisty redhead and from there, his life is never the same.  


McKenna St. Claire doesn’t sit still well. Traveling the world is her pastime. But she has vowed to stay in Marietta until her twin nephews are born. However, a wounded cowboy and his young daughter steal her heart and make her think twice about what she really wants in life, if love is worth the risk, and if she could call Marietta home.      

“Lara Van Hulzen has once again given us a well written book that has me wanting to pack my bags and head to Montana to ride the horses and visit Marietta.” 


“I enjoyed this story a lot.  It was easy to settle in with and I loved the ending which actually came from the father of those St. Claire siblings.  It was so sweet and now that I am watching my own children leave home and get married, it held extra meaning.”


“I’d not hesitate to recommend this story or this series to any Contemporary Romance reader who loves a good solid story, likable characters, lively secondary characters and that magical ingredient called love.”


“Love! Love! Love! I loved reading Finding Her Montana Cowboy by Lara Van Hulzen, the fourth book in her Marietta St. Claire’s. This is a wonderful story about finding love even when you are not looking for it, especially when you are in denial of looking for it.”



“Can I say hi to the pony, Daddy.”


“Of course.” Wyatt carried his daughter over to the entrance to the corral and they waited as kids were loaded onto ponies for rides. They came to the front of the line where McKenna stood holding the lead rope for a black pony with a tan mane. “Hey you guys! It’s good to see you.”


Her green eyes sparkled and her hair glowed like flames in the sun. She had her curls pulled back out of her face, the rest flowing down her back, a stark contrast to her blue shirt.  Wyatt almost stepped back as if knocked in the gut. Without a drop of makeup on and in jeans, cowgirl boots and denim shirt, the woman was gorgeous. Sure, he’d thought so the times he’d seen her before, but something about her outside in the sunshine, the breeze causing a stray curl to dance against her cheek – it was as if this was her element. This was where she shined.


Wyatt’s lips were warm and tasted of chocolate from the brownies they’d had for dessert. McKenna couldn’t think of a more potent combination than warm male and chocolate. She couldn’t think much of anything as Wyatt ran his hands through her hair and tilted her head just the way he wanted to deepen the kiss. Her hands moved around his waist and held onto the belt loops of his jeans.


Time stood still. Only the two of them existed. They could have been there for days as far as McKenna could tell, her whole being wrapped up in the tender way Wyatt nipped at her lips with his own. His thumb stroked her cheek and she moaned, her body leaning into his in complete willingness to let him lead her wherever he wanted this to go.


He pulled back and their eyes met. She could get lost for days in those pools of blue.


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