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Saving Drew

Recovering from a shoulder injury that could end his career as starting pitcher of the New York Empires, Drew MacIntire comes to Silver Bay for solitude and privacy from the media frenzy his surgery has created. After he dances with the beautiful baker, Baylee, at his sister’s wedding, his heart not only wants baseball back, but a future with her as well.


Baylee Nelson is settled into her simple, small town life in Silver Bay with her young son, Casey. When Drew saunters into her bakery intent on asking her out, she can’t help but be thrilled. He’s handsome, sexy, kind, and also takes interest in Casey. Baylee knows she needs to keep things casual. She and Drew live in separate worlds, and she needs to keep her focus on her business and son, but Drew didn’t get to the top by giving up easily.


Drew and Baylee are falling hard, but with spring training approaching, it seems like the third strike for their future… Can their love withstand the media glare and challenges of a long distance romance?      

“What an adorable, light and heartwarming novel!”


Saving Drew by Lara Van Hulzen is a sweet and endearing story that is filled with warmth and love.”


“This is an enjoyable, well crafted, heartwarming, baseball romance with great, well developed characters.”


“A wonderful sweet read that stole my heart from the first page.”



“This book is a well written, enjoyable and quite heartwarming read. ” 


“It’s refreshing & touching and Van Hulzen makes it so easy to get caught up in their quest for a HEA ending.”



“Saving Drew is a touching romance with a touch of instant love, a special little boy and two adults who are so strongly attracted to each other yet there are issues to be dealt with.”



“The characters in Saving Drew are exactly like the people next door and I found that I just wanted to live in Silver Bay. It is such a great community and Lara Van Hulzen has done a great job creating a town and characters that you want in your own life. I was totally immersed in this town and it’s people.” 



“Did you make these?”


His voice was gruff, but not unfriendly. She’d seen him sitting in the corner alone most of the evening. Drew was a professional baseball player; that much Baylee knew. He’d been injured and had to sit out most of the season. Kate said he was going to stay awhile after the wedding, visit with their mom, Rose, but Kate was worried about him.


Baylee hadn’t officially met him yet, but she could see why Kate was concerned. He looked… unhappy. He filled out a tuxedo well though. Goodness. It wasn’t hard to see the man was built like a professional athlete. Standing at a mere five feet, three inches, Baylee had to look up to talk to him. He had to be six foot two.


He took a bite of a cupcake, some frosting sticking to his upper lip. The short, groomed beard he had going was the sexiest thing she’d seen in a long time. Baylee licked her lips.


Whoa. Time to back things up. No daydreaming about Mr. Sexy Mouth. He’d asked a question. Yes. He had.


“Guilty. I own a little bakery in town. Right next to your sister’s store.”


He raised an eyebrow as he chewed then swallowed. He swiped a napkin across his mouth.


“Kate and I are friends. I helped her plan the wedding. I made the cupcake tower…” Okay, now she was babbling. “I’m sorry. I’m Baylee.” She stuck out her hand for him to shake. He did. With a slight nod and grunt. No “Hey, I’m Drew.” Nothing. Just popped the rest of the cupcake in his mouth and chewed. He looked at the dance floor then again at her.


“You wanna dance?”


Baylee blinked. “Um. Well. Sure.”


She smoothed down her skirt and came out from behind the cupcake table. He took her hand and led her to a spot under the twinkle lights and disco ball. Her heart raced in her chest. She hadn’t danced with a man since… well, since her own wedding.


Christ Stapleton crooned about Tennessee whiskey as Drew put his arm around her waist and pulled her close. Oh, dear Lord. The man smelled as great as he looked. Like leather and the outdoors. A heady mixture, for sure.


A hint of vanilla on his breath tickled her senses when he said, “I’m Drew.”


She looked up at him, her left hand on his right shoulder, her right hand clasped in his. Up close, his eyes were more of a grey than blue. “I know.”


He nodded. A simple movement of his head. A smooth dancer, he moved them across the floor. He didn’t speak another word. When the song ended, he nodded again, kissed her hand, then left.


Baylee stood in the middle of the dance floor and watched him go. 


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